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Posted: April 6, 2011 in Thoughts

It all started with a casual chat over dinner in Darnell. I just mentioned ‘guys we need to gather & support our team – pat came the reply..OFCOURSE! Core Group consisted of Stats guru – Vipul, Kollam paiya – Prem, Physio – Prathap, Occasional cheerleader – Rahul, Silent rommie – Prashanth and finally Maverick – Girish. We also did have other guys join us now & then.

In Sheffield..we knew not all would enjoy  watching Cricket – no doubt an incomprehensible truth to rugby and football fans – this 6 week tournament was initially felt too long & flawed, however, we were still up for it. Gave our neighbours a run for cotton plugs! Luckily we had no complaints..

Every game India played – our voices reverberated across the walls of the room giving the sense of passion and love for the game. Every run/wicket/four/sixes were cheered. Superstitions were at its heights! If a wicket falls due to any of us drinking water/preparing chai or even a visit to the loo – would be followed throughout the game to ensure India win. However, even when India lost a few games these rituals never stopped…we persevered.

With Team India’s progress from group stages to quarters – everyone chose a particular spot on the couch & stayed glued to it..luckily for us roomie prashanth – not that much of a cricket buff would pop down & wouldn’t mind preparing tea!

For the ‘Mother of all games’ – India Vs Pakistan. Even our English colleagues at work or university knew it was a BIG Game. During the pakis run-chase..every wicket was vociferously cheered – even our neighbor’s could sense the importance of Team India winning..they could sense the anxiety.

An insight into the final from our very own Stats guru..

The first ever ICC World Cup Final between two Asian nations.

The first ever ICC World Cup Final between two host nations.

The third ICC World Cup Final for both teams.

An ICC World Cup Final between the two teams that lost in the Final to Australia during the last two World Cups.

Within the first 30 mins of India’s quest for World Cup Glory – Malinga had other ideas..soon 1.2 billion dreams seemed shattered. There were not only silence in Wankede, even in our living room  – fondly referred to as ‘Home of Cricket. But we did cross the final hurdle & the Men in Blue made all of us proud – Chak de Indiaaa!  You could call it a sweet revenge for 1996..Moving forward 2nd of April 2011 – will always bring sweet memories to all Indians residing any part of the globe.

Sitting: Prem, Prashanth, Rahul & Standing: Vipul, Myself, Prathap

We had real good celebrations — took a couple of snaps of our group! Had dinner at Dhanista – Srilankan restaurant – could sense the restaurant owner’s sadness. Despite that we were offered payasam at the end to make the victory even more sweet!.

In all excitement even the word ‘cricket’ was miss-spelt by us..Hahah! Tea-cup used by one of the lads to mark his superstition.. 😀 😀

The sense of euphoria and elation that has engulfed the whole nation after Dhoni lifted the World Cup is all pervasive. Even the man on the streets, corporate heads,  young professionals, budding sportspersons, even us can take heart from this momentous victory and begin to realise that life is not as impossible as it seems. We are really grateful to the men in blue for having uplifted the national mood so emphatically!

Next..the focus moves onto Twenty20 – Each of us are getting ready to cheer our individual franchise’s..Look forward to some real big hitting !!!

  1. Vipul says:

    You forgot to mention one more stat… this was Mahela Jayawardene’s first century out of 14 that didn’t win game for them! Also, first world cup final having team lost despite scoring century!

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