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Posted: August 7, 2010 in Thoughts

In life, a time does come when you start looking for a companion. If this person matches your ideas & you both have mutual respect –more importantly love for each other, then you feel it’s safe to hold his/her hand for the rest of your life.

Hold on!!! Reckon this is still prevalent in the society that we live/grew up..Impending question you’re forced to answer? What ‘caste/faith’ is he/she?

Sounds clichéd, doesn’t it.

Heaven help you if he/she isn’t..at this point I ask the reader what is there in a ‘caste’..Does it help you when you’re left astray by life’s misfortune? Every faith teaches you the same morals, values except that they are in different forms/scriptures.

For the couple who until then remained united in love, suddenly are forced to give in, due to parental/society pressure. Many a times these scars do remain, (with due respect to individuals & their circumstances) sometimes I find it hard to fathom when either he/she just backs off. Reckon its better to laugh that you are out of a meaning-less relation & look forward.

We’ve always been talking about being ‘humane’..Suddenly when faced with situations such like…all goes down the drain..?

I stand here to be corrected..When we can accept advances in technology, policies/procedures in getting our tasks done – why can’t we just accept two people of different faiths unite…why can’t we be more humane/matured in this aspect?

Hope has always been a part of life..For all those who are presently treading on this path. Be Bold – when you can hold his/her hand..Damn it! Have the courage to stand by him/her & face your parents/society.

Folks, CASTE is a mere tag. Let’s not blow it outta proportion..!

  1. Sharmila says:

    Very true Girish….there comes a time for many when they dare to question this system and strive to find an answer….they eventually grow!
    But those are unfortunate who don’t even get an opportunity to ponder over this or are so closed that they let such learning lessons slip by! Hence remain in the rut and create copies of themselves…..sad 😦

  2. Devi says:

    Happen to see your blog today. Very true, real and sad. unfortunately class is playing the major role in many families.

  3. sreejith says:

    Love is the biggest faith. If you worship love, you’ve worshiped God.

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