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Posted: February 25, 2010 in Thoughts

“The secret of joy in work is contained

in one word – EXCELLENCE.

To know how to do something well

is to enjoy it.”Pearl S Buck

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck (June 26, 1892 — March 6, 1973) also known as Sai Zhen Zhu (Simplified Chinese: 赛珍珠; Pinyin: Sài Zhēnzhū; Traditional Chinese: 賽珍珠), was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American writer who spent the majority of her life in China.

In 1938, she became the first American woman to be awarded the Nobile Prize in Literature, “for her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China and for her biographical masterpieces.” With no irony, she has been described in China as a Chinese writer.


R.K Laxman’s Humour..!

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Frank’s law..

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Posted: February 6, 2010 in Thoughts

When you accept the finite disappointments
in life. I dare say..

You must also be prepared to hold onto the infinite hope
which lies deep within!!!!

Brings tender leaves

Flowers bloom.

Sight to be treasured

Season to be relished.

During this phase..

Even irregularities beget beauty.

Darkness fills with glittering stars

Smiles all around

Truly magical.

Walk across the park

Gentle breeze along

Silence sounds musical,

Music invent thoughts

Thoughts become fantasy

Words merely unneeded..!