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Status please..!

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Witticism

With the advent of Social networking..Many of us are forced to update our whereabouts. Sadly it seems that most people have boring status updates leaving us with little to read. However, some of the following status messages might sound amusing/weird…


“is doin it and doin it and doin it well’’

“says, if you wanna know the truth about something ask a kid… or me after about 10 beers!”

“would like to announce today’s weight loss tip: Use superglue as lip gloss”

“is throwing a clock out the window seeing if time really will fly..”

“says, if your ex is limping around the front yard bleeding to death what do you do?… remain calm…reload… Aim… shoot again.”

used to play sports. Then realized you can buy trophies. Now he’s good at everything.”

“ is thinking whether he might think of what he is going to think about”

“is drinking beers with his peers”.

Warning: These status updates were brought to you by next door’s unsecured wireless router..!!! 🙂 🙂

Paolo Nutini – 10/10

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Music-ism

I recently listened to this song and liked it instantly..Hope you enjoy it..!

All the people wanna try you girl,
And I hope you tell them where to go,
Cus I’ve got so much here to offer girl,
Oh I love you more than you can know.

Some people wanna speed it up,
Infact I want to slow it down.
I wanna get myself dressed up yeah,
And take you out on the town

I’ll be a model pupil tonight, babe.
I wanna get ten out of ten.
I’ll be a model pupil tonight, babe.
I wanna get ten out of ten.

Everybody’s got opinions girl,
There own versions of a good idea.
But the best one I can think of now,
Is to make sure that I keep you near.

And I know that I’ve got to keep it up,
Cus I can see you’re feeling down
And I wanna get myself dressed up yeah,
And take you out on the town

I’ll be a model pupil tonight, babe.
I wanna get ten out of ten.
I’ll be a model pupil tonight, babe.
I wanna get ten out of ten.

And get an A in the taxi,
A In the restaurant.
Get ten out of ten.
Get an A in the kitchen
And an A in the bedroom
I get ten out of ten

You make it out of nothing,
And turn it into something,
And give it to you all for free
I’ll be a model pupil tonight, babe.
I wanna get ten out of ten.

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There are times in each of our lives when we feel the need of a stranger who can listen to us and just listen.. I have had such strangers in my life, few became close and a few..I don’t even know where they are. I experienced one special moment when I met this dainty lady. There was something gripping about her.

I wonder at times what is it about that person..that suddenly brings a sea of change.. You smile endlessly…your heart feels lighter & your footsteps dance to music of love. I still thank the stars for that moment..For if it hadn’t..I wouldn’t have felt this change..Guess cupid silently stroked one.

I reckon we put ourselves in a complicated situation because we are not sure of things. And by the time we are sure, we also realise that we are in a fix – it flashes that letting life take its course doesn’t seem a good idea, sadly you’re forced to. Until then for all the decisions you have made and for all those decisions going steady in life, you refuse to accept the truth. Huh…life eh!

And there comes a moment..When you don’t know why you want that one person to feel you and respond..strange isn’t it.

In any case, she may well have a choice. However, you have just her to offer your love.

Why does the world wake-up only when something disastrous happens or crops up? Am sure most of you would ask yourself or your friend/neighbor/colleague this question. Guess the rightful authorities need to continually be pro-active..well that is what they being paid for..implement updated security solutions & not lie in wait.

Now welcome to this new security scanner which would scan out everything on a human body unlike the normal metal detectors already in place at all major airports globally.

On a lighter note folks, as you can see what the scanner can actually reveal..get yourselves fully dressed (unlike the celebrities) before you fly to any destination across the Atlantic, atleast for now before they are fully deployed globally.

Warning : Signs of changed times.

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Gazing the mirror..I tell her
I don’t want to walk ahead
Nor behind..
But with you

Like to spend time..Have fun
Share stories..leave footprints
In your heart all time.

And like a flash she faded away
Into a place unknown
I search all around
Heart answers not
For it is lost with her gone…